jeudi 6 septembre 2007

Homer imaginary friends

All begins on a rainy day , when the roof in Homer's house starts to leak. Homer and Marge quarrel because Marge wants Homer to fix the roof. Homer is mad and goes to Moe's bar to relax. However, Homer arrives at the bar and ruins Lenny's surprise party. Homer's friends get mad at him and he is once again miserable. He then decides to go to a "Hooters" type bar to relax. There he meets a nice man named Ray who offers him beer. Ray then tells Homer that he fixes roofs. Homer asks him for help to fix his roof on the next day and Ray accepts. The next day the two men work on the roof and laugh at Flanders but Ray has to leave before the job is done. Homer stops working there and waits for Ray to come back, but he never does and Marge is still frustrated because she thinks that Homer still did not do a thing on the roof. The next day, Homer and Bart go to the store to buy material for the roof. They meet Ray and Ray says he will come help again. However, Ray does not come and Marge wonders who this unknown man is. She starts to think that Homer has an imaginary friend. She Asks Bart, Flanders and the "Hooters"barman if they have seen this man but nobody has seen Ray. Marge brings Homer to a psychiatric hospital where he goes through many shock treatments. He then finally admits that Ray does not exist. However, coming out of the hospital, ray shows up and everybody finally sees him. Mulder from "X-Files" arrives and explains the situation, and why nobody had seen Ray before .